Ken Dady
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My name is Ken Dady, Regional Missionary and Coach to Ministry Leaders through the Word of Life Local Church to the EMC (Extended Ministry to Churches) Region (Every state west of Indiana and Alabama). We work with three missionary couples to accomplish this awesome ministry.

My passion is to reach today's youth through evangelism, discipleship, and leadership training. That Passion is fueled by having worked as a layman in a local church using the Word of Life tools for over nine years. Plus the last 35 years ministering fulltime in equipping churches and seeing changed lives, strengthen families and encourage student ministries. Our goal is to help local churches develop ongoing vibrant youth ministries.

Ken is also concentrating on contacting churches in Illinois (North Chicago and West/Central Illinois) as well as West Virginia (Charleston-Huntington Corridor). Our desire is to develop a base of churches using Word of Life Local Church tools by 2015-2016 to transfer to traditional Local Church missionaries to coach these ministries full time.

Cell:(937) 935-0215

Home/Office/Fax(937) 592-2358


529 North Main, Box 430, Bellefontaine, OH, 43311

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"I believe it is the responsibility of every generation to reach their generation for Christ" - Jack Wyrtzen